my dark apron

I'm currently working as a sound effects editor / sound designer for film and in love with every minute of it. I'm also a budding cinephile, with some of my favorite directors being Andrei Tarkovsky, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Park Chan-Wook, The Coen Brothers, and Lars von Trier (the list could go on forever). I love sound, especially within the boundless realms of storytelling. From the most unintelligible crackling gibberish to the smoothest of melodious murmurs, I love it all.


Under the Skin ╳ Jonathan Glazer

Filmmaker Jonathan Glazer (known for SEXY BEAST, BIRTH, Massive Attack’s KARMACOMA and Radiohead’s KARMA POLICE) presents his latest feature Under the Skin. A psychological piece that coldly observes humanity and sexuality through the gaze of an opposing outside force. Get more goosebumps after the jump.