the blind architect

My name is Oswald Kazoo. I run a lunar petting zoo. We specialize in organisms from planets of mass one order of magnitude less than Terran Standard. Tuesdays are free for all children 9 orbits and under so come on by!


EK Interview: Mikael Aldo

In his photographs, Mikael Aldo harnesses the forces of nature to tell a compelling narrative. Whether discussing the destructive capability of man, or experimenting with perception his work is visually stunning, weaving a fantastic tale that the viewer wishes they could be a part of. Check out his interview:


EK Interview: Van Arno

Van Arno‘s pop surrealist art had me curious from the first view. While almost cartoonish and outrageous in his aesthetic, he’s got subject matter in spades. Drawing on culture, religion, and events both historical and current, Van Arno paints scenes that are tomes. Whether you want to spend the time digesting and parsing through the…


EK Sketchbook: Nicholas Di Genova

Nicholas Di Genova has been featured, interviewed, and has participated in one of our roundtables. Through his work he’s proven himself to be incredibly talented, portraying colorful and exotic creatures of his some horror fantasy dreamworld. Hiw words portray him as clever, insightful, and intelligent. As part of our ongoing Sketchbook series he has shown…


EK Sketchbook: Heidi Taillefer

We’ve featured Heidi Taillefer twice, and interviewed her to boot! Her work is packed with nuance and meaning and is extremely diverse in it’s content. Where does it all come from? As part of the EK Sketchbook series she’s honored us with a peek behind the scenes, at the work that goes on before she…


EK Interview: Louie Van Patten

Louie Van Patten‘s paintings are dark and moving. They reveal parts of us we see at the last moment when we turn away from the mirror, the parts we know are there but often can’t, or won’t. They are colorful, vibrant, loudly emotive, and they plumb some of the deepest parts of the human condition.…


EK Interview: Shae Detar

Shae Detar‘s photography portrays the world she wishes to see. Borrowing from the surreality of nature, Shae paints photographs in brilliant pastels, making work that is visually stunning. Her models are predominantly naked, taking the photographs out of time, and giving them an other worldly sensation that, to quote Goldilocks, is just right. Check out…


EK Interview: Hobby Buddies

The world of Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini is a foray into the diverse microcosms that we as humans all inhabit. At the microscopic level, their photography showcases a number of groups of people, all unique on a personal level, brought together by a single passion. On a macroscopic level, it speaks to the human…


EK Sketchbook: Murat Germen

Murat Germen‘s experimental photography has portrayed a vision of cities that is novel and colorful. He’s been featured and interviewed and now he has offered us a vision into his work as it progresses, for his part in the Empty Kingdom Sketchbook series he shows us an inside look at his new series, Touch Forever.…