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Nettie Horn



November 14, 2014

Acacia Johnson - empty kingdom - art blog
EMPTY KINGDOM is currently changing and upgrading our website. In the Meanwhile, you can take a look at some of our past posts. We'll be back soon. Photo by Acacia Johnson
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July 31, 2014

EMPTY KINGDOM - Donation - Art Blog
Most of our faithful fans know that we here at EK do what we do simply for the love of Art. And if you don't know, now you know. We originally started our site to share our love of Art with the world, but it grew quickly from a fun side project to an intense, all-consuming labor of love, and now, we have been blessed with this beautiful baby whose life it is our job to nurture and grow in a positive, impactful way. Our dream is to be a 90/10 company, meaning we donate 90% of our company's net income and keep only 10%. Take a moment to think about how retardedly difficult that sounds. There isn't a businessman in the world who'd invest in a business plan like that.
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EK Gallery Spotlight: Nettie Horn Gallery


July 12, 2012

Nicholas and Sheila Pye, Nettie Horn Gallery Nettie Horn Gallery is an eclectic East London gem that showcases emerging artists from the UK and around the world. With a strong emphasis on experimental, investigative art, the work they display ranges from the the conceptual to the electrifying, and in the case of performance artist Antti Laitinen, gloriously, wholeheartedly mad. Check out their interview -
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