A young deaf-mute couple exalt their love in front of a disapproving family. Silence muffles secret motives in Joost van Ginkel‘s feature length debut 170 Hz. Synopsis can be read as foloows (via BIFF):

“19 year old Nick and 16 year old Evy are in love. Knowing that Nick is deaf, Evy’s parents do not consent totheir relationship. The young run away and move intoan abandoned submarine, hidden from judgmental eyes. Their runaway love brings them new opportunities and new hardships. Evy wishes to have a child, but Nick thinks it is not a good idea.

170 Hz is a lower pitch sound of the human voice. Whispering young lovers communicate with their gaze, lips and touch rather than rage against the prejudices of the world. Their innocent love might just be a fantasy. The film offers an aspiring message for viewers to dream of better world, and to endure the pain of reality through their affectionate whisper.”

Trailer can be streamed down at the bottom of the page (sorry, no english subs as of yet):

170 Hz

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