Mythological, spiritual, pantheistic: the first adjectives to define the metaphysical world of Bruno 9li, one of the most interesting emerging artist within Brazilian artistic panorama. 9li (pseudonym/abbreviation of Bruno Novelli, 1980) synthetizes his artistic production into several dichotomies and contradictions of the Brazilian world: metropolitan, ephemeral and technological.

In his works, animals seem to spring out of the diaries and bestiaries of the first European explorations of the “New World”, epic heroes strongly impose themselves to spectator’s attention, through an immersion in a supernatural and ancestral world. A return to the origins, a lost Golden Era permeated by symbology, where you can clearly notice references to pop culture, comix and science fiction films.

With his frantic and saturated line, Bruno 9li draws a chaotically arranged world, ruled by a mysterious alchemy that controls, between past and future, death and resurrection, fantastic metamorphosis and genetic mutations of beasts and paladins into demigods and androids.

Despite of being young, Bruno 9li has been recognized worldwide for his solo exhibitions in Europe, North America and the Far East.