A family’s dormant conflicts run amuck at a birthday reunion in Swedish director Jesper Ganslandt‘s latest feature film Blondie. More film info after the jump!

Official story details and director’s statement can be read as follows:

“Three sisters, all adrift and in crisis, reunite at their childhood home as their domineering mother arranges her big birthday party. The festivities soon come to an end, repressed conflicts rise to the surface. Old wounds are opened and a new family is born.

Director’s Statement:

I’m quite fond of the fairy-tale – the fantastical, the playful. In my previous films, realism has ruled. So I thought the most risky thing I could do right now, would be to make a movie that communicates on a broader scale. More like fireworks on all levels, instead of the stifled, dark realism. With that as a point of departure, I started creating a type of dollhouse that functions as the framework of the film. I placed dolls in the house, I looked into the rooms. Initially, it was mainly surface, and it was very challenging for me to process that surface so that people would not recoil from it, uncaring. Gradually, the dolls came alive. They started to move from room to room, they started to refurnish the rooms, to unite and separate. It turned into a form of play with archetypes.

I simply didn’t want a patriarch to be part of this story; I was much more excited by the idea of the women managing on their own. The good older sister, the unbridled matriarchal mother, the truth-telling and flipped-out middle sister, and the lost youngest sister, always a few steps behind. And I wanted to shoot something I find beautiful. We immediately recognize a thing of beauty. Film is like life in that respect, it’s instantaneous. An image – and we see many layers. We know that we want it. We know what we find beautiful.

But that’s not enough. We want to see beyond the layers, to see the cracks. And that’s when these women start to fall apart. I want to break them down. In that respect, this film is greater than I am. It grew into an auteur film about the family. An opera about three sisters competing for their mother’s love. So let’s raise the curtain.”

Watch the trailer embedded down below for your viewing pleasure!

Blondie, 2012

Jesper Ganslandt