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BOY OH BOY! The wonderful people at CABINODD (Netherlands) are back at it with another art exhibition with some of our favorite artists (Buddy Nestor, Kirsten Wilmink, Kwon Kyung Yup, Mr. Sauli, and well as Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter and Ludmilla van der Spoel) at the BLOOM ART SHOW from October 29 – November 1, 2011 in Staatenhaus am Rheinpark, Cologne, Germany!

This is an international art show featuring artists from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds stretching from fine arts, design, music, performing arts, fashion and literature to radio broadcasting, architecture, press, advertisement, software, and games

BLOOOM is excited to be the world’s first interdisciplinary presentation platform for artists and art projects in the creative industries, and at this year’s BLOOOM, more than 50 exhibitors will be participating.

October 29 – November 1, 2011
Oct 28, 5 pm – Vernissage & Award ceremony BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER
Oct 29, 12 pm – 8 pm
Oct 30, 11 am – 7 pm
Oct 31, 12 pm – 8 pm
Nov 01, 12 pm – 7 pm

Staatenhaus am Rheinpark, Auenweg 17, 50679 Cologne, Germany
For ticket info visit

CABINODD is one of the Dutch galleries taking part at the second edition of BLOOOM, and may we say that EK is a big fan of their represented artists:

art blog - BUDDY NESTOR - empty kingdom

– Buddy Nestor’s beautifully distorted paintings and ‘spiritual X-rays’.of contemporary female artists and friends.

art blog - KIRSTEN WILMINK - empty kingdom

– Kirsten Wilmink’s ‘The Truth About Germans’ series, a hyperrealistic and humouristic take on some of the more well-known stereotypes about German people.

art blog - KWON KYUN YUP - empty kingdom

– Kwon Kyung Yup’s exquisite and intimate portraits of human frailty and resilience, represented by wounded souls sheltering within bandaged boys and girls.

art blog - MR SAULI - empty kingdom

– Mr. Sauli’s digital Mimetrics presenting the visual language of music video’s inspired by directors and filmmakers like Michel Gondry.