What happens when you combine Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, CG animation, and motion capture? Well apparently you get enigma trip vid Brats, a newly generated MV from the minds of music band Liars and creative head Ian Cheng.

Ian Cheng works out in New York, with impressive degrees in both Visual Arts from Columbia University, and Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley. You can check out his CV here. Liars consists of Aaron Hemphill, Angus Andrew, Pat Noecker, and Ron Albertson. Together they jam out an eclectic fusion of late ’70s punk rock and rhythmic dance beats. Their song Brats can be heard from the album WIXIW.

Cheng applies the iconic cartoon duo in their infamous antics against a blank white background. Chopped up renderings glitch and vibrate into a somewhat simulated dance routine, as deliberately abstract details (mainly concerning Bugs’ underground stash of what appears to be money, “magazine” clippings, and familiar cartoon accessories) literally litter the surrounding scenery.

If my wacky description already doesn’t have your attention, go check out the full stream down at the bottom of this page. There are bits of raunchiness in some scenes, so I’m just going to throw up the NSFW stamp just to be safe. Enjoy!

Brats, 2012


Ian Cheng