Once upon-a-long-time-ago in S.F. (well before our little baby known as was born), we met Brett Amory (previously featured September 2011 and October 2010) and we are proud to say we have identified his talent at an early stage and have been following him ever since. Constantly pushing himself into new territory, Mr. Amory has gone on to turn into a bonafide ass-kickin’ painter of renown. He has a new show (Waiting 101) at the also awesome The Outsiders Gallery in Newcastle, UK. (show runs to May 26, 2012)

The Outsiders Gallery
presents: “Waiting 101”
by Brett Amory
April 20- May 26, 2012

Can you please introduce us to your new series of work and the inspiration behind it? 

The show is titled “Waiting 101” and is inspired by the photos I have taken with my iphone. I purchased my first Iphone last October and it has changed the way I approach the series…Before I would have to come up with a concept for a show and then go out looking for subjects. Now that I have a phone on me at all times I am able to capture moments as  they happen…In a way this body of work documents my day to day experience for the last few months…

How has your art evolved over the years? 

I use to do a lot of experimentation. Over the years the work has dialed into one body of work. All the experimenting I did was me trying to figure out what I wanted to say. The work I’m doing now is the end result of ten years of experimentation…

Do you feel the development of your work has been in a planned or spiritual manner, or are you responding more to external the changes in your environment/culture/technology? 

Certain things happen that changed my life a few years ago and I had to decide what was most important for me as an artist and. As a result I started growing again along with my work.

What technologies are you most interested in working with in the future? 

I want to do more projects that involve video that ties in with the paintings.

Are there any artists who are using tech in new ways that inspire you? 

I like what radio head do when they play live…

What do you do to relax? 

I take trips…

Any cool plans while you’re in the UK? 

I am on a train right now heading to London to do a few silk screen prints for Lazarides and on Sunday I head to Italy for two weeks…

What’s next for you? 

I have a two person with Adam Caldwell at Thinkspace in August and a solo at Sandra Lee in San Francisco in October…

Yay! Everyone support Brett Amory’s awesomeness!