Brett Amory has a new show at Anno Domini in San Jose, CA. If you’re around, make the trek.  The owners of A.D. are really awesome and deserve all the love for showing great artists like Brett. Drrummmmmm.  I remember a long time ago going to gallery A.D. to cover a Dave Choe show and I made a total ass of myself.  yep.   Brett is a really cool artist and he plays drums.  I have a friend named Brett who attacked me with a knife once.  I totally kicked him and it was over.  I’m sure this Brett would never do that to me.  “I kick you.”

Who are you, what do you do?
My name is Brett Amory and I paint pictures..

Can you describe the theme and inspiration behind your newest works.
This new group of paintings continues to capture an individual’s struggle to exist in the present moment and the continued state of detachment from one’s surrounding environment. However, this new body of work depicts an element of freedom, as the subjects strive to transcend consciousness and human existence: freedom of thought, freedom of perception,
freedom to create one’s own narrative. If reality is relative and bound to the subject’s own existence and subject to the judgment of others, this work reminds us that there is a choice. While White Light exposes the limitations one faces when they are defined by their limited perceptions and the gaze of others, the viewer is reminded that there is hope for absolute free- dom over our existence and essence.

How has your work progressed in the past years? (in terms of theme, content, technique)
I came back to the waiting series in 2007 after taking a break from it for five years.   The work before was more about commuters in transit and how we spend so much of our lives going from place to place. I use to follow the photographs I paint from very closely and it was more of an impressionistic approach. When I came back to the series it  became more about what was going on while we wait. How we are rarely in the present moment. I started striping  out the environment and replacing it with negative space to focus more on the emotion of the waiters.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope I still have the means to paint everyday..

What artists do you think are killing it right now?
Im not really sure. Ive been looking at a lot of photographers. The New Topographics have been a huge influence on my work the last few months..

How is it working with Anno Domini?  
Anno Domini are great!! It has been a real pleasure working and getting know Brian and Cherri they are unique gallery owners..

If someone commissioned you to make a painting out of their blood and bodily fluids, how much would you charge?
I probably wouldn’t do it..

(But I’d do it for cake. -Bunnyman)


ps. the other Brett I know is totally this badass Muy Thai kickboxer now, so I definitely wouldn’t kick him.