C: 299,792 km/s

Directors Derek Van Order and Otto Stockmeier bring you the no-VFX-no-greenscreen-all-analog wonder C: 299,792 km/s. A very worthy science fiction short about the end of days, war, and the ultimate search for peace.

Story details and film production ambitions can be read as follows:

“C is the story of Lieutenant Commander Malleck, and her radical act of mutiny aboard the KESTROS IV. With the help of her co-conspirators, she attempts to harness this weapon of mass destruction for a grand new purpose. But when a contingent of ground crew led by Second Lieutenant Kai threatens her master plan, Malleck must use the ship against them in order to succeed.

To build the future, we looked to the past. No CGI or greenscreen was used in the making of the film; all our sets and props were built by hand and filmed in-camera. Combining new advances in digital camera technology with traditional special effects, we sought to create a unique, timeless look through lighting design, camera tricks, miniature photography, split-screen, and stop-animation. We believe that this approach allowed us greater creative possibilities on a low-budget science-fiction film.”

Check out the full short film down below.

C: 299,792 km/s, 2013

C: 299,792 km/s Official Site
Derek Van Gorder
Otto Stockmeier