EK is looking for you! (image credit: Brooke Golightly)

Yes, it is true -we are opening up another round of call for collaborators, and you just might fit the bill.

We are looking for all sorts of people: Writers, Filmmakers, Producers, Editors, Photographers, Painters, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Visual Effects Artists, MUSICIANS, Industrial Designers, Architects, Sculptors, Web Designers, 3D Artists/Animators, Programmers, Rocket Scientists, Concept Artists, Handy(wo)men, Lawyers, Actors, Performance Artists, Engineers, Scientists, Journalists, Sales(wo)men, Survivalists, Farmers, Political Consultants, Human Rights Activists, Non-Profit volunteers, or straight-up appreciator of the arts…in short, EVERYONE!

Empty Kingdom is a company driven by it’s people and we are looking WORLDWIDE for the best of the best.

But in the end, it’s not even really about your experience or how sexy your resume looks, what we care about the most is finding good. people.   All we really care about is how much you love art, and what you are willing to do to help make our mission to share the best art with the world real and tangible!

To see what we’re all about, please refer to our previous hiring post.

If you are interested, please send in an inquiry via the form below.

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