Pablo Trapero’s Carancho is a dramatic suspense film set in a world of car accidents and shady insurance agents. Official summary below.

“Every year more than 8,000 deaths are caused by road accidents in Argentina. This is an average of 22 deaths a day. In addition, about 120,000 people a year are injured in road accidents. In the past decade this meant in excess of 100,000 deaths. The millions of pesos that are needed by the victims and their families to cope with medical and legal costs represent a huge market sustained by the settlements paid out by insurance companies and the fragility of the law. Each of these unfortunate incidents could bring with it a business opportunity.

Sosa is a lawyer that specialises in road accidents. He is about to recover his practising license. He scours the accidents and emergency wings of hospitals, the emergency services and the police stations, seeking clients. He now works for a foundation that supposedly aids the victims but, in fact, is the front for a shady law firm. Sosa procures the clients, the witnesses, the adjusters’ reports. He deals with the police, the judges and the insurers.

Lujan is a young doctor, a newcomer to the city. She works all hours, in several places, ambulances, accidents and emergency wings, emergency services. She works alone, tirelessly, she hardly has time to sleep. She finds herself in a world that is alien to her.

This love story begins the night Lujan and Sosa meet, on the street. She is fighting to save the victim’s life. He wants the victim to be his client. Together they will try to change the course of their lives, but Sosa’s turbulent past will come up against them.”

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