Chet Baker: Let’s Get Lost

We’ve featured philosophers, intellectuals, artists, and here and there, we’d feature musicians. Throughout early civilizations, the frontiers passionately orchestrated classical music, and eventually, the next generation branched out to jazz. From there, there was rock, hip-hop, and IDM. There was Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Nina Simone, and the Wu-Tang Clan. In the blink of time, there were several artists that paved the roots in silence. In a manner of sincerity, I’d like to share Chet Baker. A documentary, ‘Let’s Get Lost’.

Like many musicians and artist, many of them lived a controversial life. Chet Baker was no stranger to the media. A heroine and an addict of many sorts. Yet many of the greats we’re. An iconic trumpeter that expressed peer love in an non-traditional sense. Ironically, he wasn’t exactly considered a man with extreme technique, no vibrato, no range, a sketchy pitch, yet he performed absolutely beautifully. Above all traits, he played through his soul.

Enjoy the images, quotes, and additional clips.

“The drummer; he inspired me to play like no one else I have ever met.”

“The one thing that did stand out in my memory was the fact that he had a well documented association with Heroin. Growing up with a somewhat myopic view of the world, I could not understand how it was that people could put a drug user on such a high pedestal.”

“Well, if I could play like Wynton, I wouldn’t play like Wynton.”

“People said I’d never make 35, then I’d never make 40, 45; now I’m almost 50, so Im beginning to think maybe they might be wrong.”

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Let’s Get Lost: Documentary

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