EK0771; 2012; Postcard; 148x105mm

Claire Harvey is a British artist who paints intimate works on canvas and everyday materials such as post its, slides, acetates, and scotch tape. This is a selection from both ongoing series and completed works intended to give an over view rather than a complete catalogue.

AMTK69; 2014; Postcard; 148x105mm

KL1109; 2012; Postcard; 148x105mm

KL1108 #1; 2012; Postcard; 105x148mm

KL1148; 2013; Postcard; 148x105mm

The Discovery of Nothing; 2009; Oil on Canvas; 30x24cm

The Break; 2004; Oil on Canvas; 40x30cm

Board; 2004; Oil on canvas; 40x40cm

Early Hours; 2005; Oil on Canvas; 25x35cm

To Find the Right One; 2009; Oil on Canvas; 30x24cm

Epic; 2005; Oil on Canvas; 40x30cm

The Explanation; 2005; Oil on Canvas; 40x40cm


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