Americana-retro buff / director / photographer Eddie O’Keefe beautifully stitches together a montage of images for Springtime Carnivore‘s latest music video entitled Collectors. More info after the jump!

The variety of iconic, familiar, and unseen pictures tell a culturally relevant story still resonating an aura of semblances to our current generational ongoings. Official summary for the MV can be read as follows:

I am a traveler and my highways are circuit boards leading to you. You don’t know me, but long ago in another age we dined together in a ballroom in Versailles. I was the girl in the green evening gown and the shattered glass slippers. You kissed my hand. We were lovers once. We met in the park; on a pier; in the first-class cabin of the Titanic. We sank with the ship. I have written songs about all this and other things too. I hope you enjoy.


Watch the full music video for Collectors embedded down below!

Collectors, 2012

Springtime Carnivore
Eddie O’Keefe