Crulic: The Path to Beyond

Anca Damian is a Romanian filmmaker who began her career as director of photography. With a keen sense of embodying her visuals with meaningful flare, she situates her second feature, Crulic: The Path to Beyond, into the realm of animation. Read the official summary as follows:

“The animated documentary feature-length “Crulic – The Path to Beyond” tells the story of the life of Crulic, the 33 years old Romanian who died in a Polish prison while on hunger strike.

The acclaimed Romanian actor, Vlad Ivanov, narrates Crulic’s ironic voice over from beyond the grave.

A strong visual style, the result of beautiful hand drawn, collage, stop-motion and cut-cut animation techniques, blend to create a striking, surprisingly integrated and memorable film.”

Go down below to check out two trailers!

First trailer for Crulic: The Path to Beyond.

Second trailer for Crulic: The Path to Beyond.

Crulic: The Path to Beyond, 2011