Daikichi Amano

Daikichi Amano aka The Pink Tentacle is a peculiar Japanese photographer.

“Whether an artist or pornographer, I think that the people who have an interest in my work should decide. Only, in the opportunity for the people who don’t usually see porn to see it increases, I feel that there is a meaning to be classified as an artist, too. However, as for the way of taking a picture, the pornography and the art are the same.” –Daikichi Amano

“Because I had strong interest in sex from the school child age, I sneaked in to the ladies’ room. I knew I had been disliked by the girls in the class, and also it became impossible to take out a large amount of toy (minicar and eraser) put in the anus and I was taken to the hospital by my parents. When I wanted to experience the orgasm with the anus and the anus was groped while sitting straight, I slept as I was, and the nerve of the foot started being cut, and I was carried by the ambulance. Because I was putting inconvenience on the parents each time, I think that I was making them anxious.” -Daikichi Amano