Derek Gores at Select Art Fair

twin shadow
Derek Gores has been interviewed and featured a number of times at Empty Kingdom, he will be joining us at the EK Summer Art Show but at the moment he is showing his work at Select Fair in NYC.  Go check it out if you have a chance!

twin shadow dark photo1photo2
Space. As a kid I was obsessed with clear depiction of space. My Dad and I would sit at the foot of the stairs and  figure out the perspective. Actually, my eye muscles were a little out of balance when I was born. I had two surgeries and wore an adhesive eye patch for a bit as a toddler. My depth perception took longer to develop than most (I’m still better with something large like a soccer ball than say… A baseball or throwing star).
 But after getting pretty solid at accurate spatial depiction, I got more excited about making it un clear, ambiguous, misleading. Flat and graphic ala Klimt and Franz Kline for a few years, and then lately a purposely inverted space. What you thought was the foreground, upon closer inspection, turns out to far off details. An example is I like using far off night sky with skyscraper windows to form a woman’s dark hair. The spatial surprise feels good. A little vertigo for our viewing pleasure.
Eventually the idea developed to include time. The collage scraps tease us to see an elapsed time rather than a frozen moment.
Now I enjoy this idea for all the senses.  mingling all the senses…
I plan minimally- just enough to allow maximum time for improv and intuition.