Don’t Think

Unplug your head, and swim in the psychedelic surge that is The Chemical Brother‘s concert doc Don’t Think. Directed by long time live show collaborator Adam Smith, and filmed in 2011 at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Check out more info about the concert’s US debut, along with their DVD / Blu-Ray release:

“On February 1st, 2012 The Chemical Brothers: “Don’t Think”, directed by Adam Smith, was released in 600 cinemas in 30 countries across the globe. The verdict from fans and critics has been unanimous: “Don’t Think” is a one of a kind experience definitely not to be missed! Screenings across the globe saw scenes of crowd surfing & dancing, with cinemas being shut down by security at some screenings as a result of the enthused ticket holders’ reactions. From Mexico City to London to Auckland to Buenos Aires, “Don’t Think” has clearly redefined the cinematic experience.

Screenings and locations continue to be added at

For those who weren’t able to purchase a ticket to these sell-out screenings, or for those viewers who wish to relive it once again, The Chemical Brothers are now offering you the opportunity to experience their seminal Fuji Rock concert in the comfort of your own home with the release of “Don’t Think” on DVD and Blu-Ray, or a special limited edition 10″ book format. All editions come with an additional live concert CD of the Fuji show.”

Let your eyes partake in the madness captured in the trailer embedded down below!

Don’t Think, 2012