While my dark apron holds our cinema dept. down like a fat kid on cake, I couldn’t resist throwing up a post on DRIVE, my most anticipated movie of the year.  Maybe in a few years.   Since the video posted in the old post has gone private, I’ve included the new trailer in two languages (watch the French subtitle first, the music is Très bien.)  -Enjoy!

…Speaking of Albert Brooks, can I tell you an actually true story?  Once while I was on a business trip in L.A., I saw a beautiful girl jump out of a car and slap an Empty Kingdom bumper sticker on the ground, then turn around and hop back into the car and drive off.  Just like that.  Turns out it was Albert Brook’s star.  Why Albert Brooks?  I have no idea.  But I imagine he was honored.

Dig the Oldboy reference with the hammer. Park Chan Wook in da house!

International Trailer:

US Trailer:

A professional stunt man / getaway driver extraordinaire becomes overly involved with his latest undertaking in Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive (director of Valhalla Rising, Bronson, and Pusher).

I just watched Valhalla and it was enjoyable indeed.  Bronson was wonderful and the Pusher trilogy stands on it’s own.  I love the fact Refn came to Hollywood with this film and conquered the world.  And yea, I’m so geeky I made my own mastheads for this post.  I hope they don’t sue us. 

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(Editor’s Note:  We are not responsible for Bunnyman’s actions and hope we don’t get sued for slapping at the bottom of the pictures.  -But you should be honored.)