EK Interview: Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis is a trip.  You can close your eyes and turn the screen off but you cannot unsee what you have seen.  I want to go to the universe where his work rules but it may make The Cell look like a goddamn Richard Scary story.  Check his interview out:

How are Poland and Greece different as places to live?

They are quite different in all aspects: the weather, the scenery, the food, the mentality of the people, their perception of the world etc. I’m living 30 years in Greece now and visit Poland mostly for vacations, but I can tell that the living in a southern country is easier and more shinny…


Tell us about growing up in Luban, Poland. What’s a childhood story that sticks out to you?

Luban is a small town, in south-west Poland. At the time when I was living there, the country was still under the communist regime and there were many problems even with the basics. This period of my life seems to me now, like it belongs to a different life. Desite the economic problems the living was nice and smooth, I miss those years but I think evereybody misses his childhood. I created a piece about that time recently, it is called “the fragile memory of a childhood”.

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How do you think your upbringing, the books and movies and comics and adventures that you experienced contributed to the way that you approach art, the substance and ideas you want to convey to your viewership and the 3D digital media that you employ?

This is really hard to tell, but I guess everything that creates an impression to me, is recorded internaly and may come out in a form of art in a different period of life, like it happens with the dreams. The studies of older artists and techinques also contributes to the expression through the new media and has affected me deeply.

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There’s a line by the lyricist/spoken word/rapper that goes: You see a mouse trap, I see free cheese and a fucking challenge. Do you see the mouse trap or do you see the challenge? How do you look at the world?

I see both, but depending on the situation I choose to avoid the trap or grab the cheese. I think life is a big challenge and oppurtunity to taste the sweet and the bitter, to satisfy the senses, to learn and to develop. I can’t stand being at the same position for long, I need changes to bring new emotions and this includes my spiritual side too.


What are the “divisions of pleasure”? How have your previous relationships influenced this piece? What is your opinion of monogamy? Do you think the ‘nuclear family’ is overall a detrimental or beneficial factor within our current society?

“The divisions of pleasure” are the states of mind where you place youreself as a lover. There are stages in  every kind of realtions and this piece (although it might be not very obvious) is reffering to them. In the erotic relationships there is always a line, that, when you cross it you enter into the unknown area.

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What is it about black and white, the presence of every color, and the absence of color, that is so intoxicating, it would be unfair to call it standard because it’s so poignant, but why do you think it is so often employed? Why do you use black an white?

The color or the absence of it in a composition, is just an element of storytelling. Many artists are using black and white because it diminishes the information to more basic direction or just helps the atmosphere. I am using it lately for the contrast it offers. One day I wake up and I’m down, the next one I’m up and this has being happening for some time. The contrasts in life are more obvious currently, in this turning point we are living as a society. But, rarely my images are b/w, the elements I use are.


When I saw “To the point of no return” I thought many expletives. I stared at it for a while. What was the emotion you felt while making it? What are you saying about sex, sexuality and the male female dynamic?

The man is being penetrated by spear and has blood dripping down his back, is there something specific you intend to draw attention to here such as the dynamism of bedroom relations between men and woman and the presumed (or socially expected) dominance of men?

In this image the spear is penetrating tha man but probably is penetrating the woman also… “The point of no return” existsts from the time that the damage is done. This scene is a violent one, it refers to the dominance (or rape even) and the sexual content was chosen to highlight the drama in it. When the damage is done there is no turning back…

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In “The nature of the golden age” you have the two biblical symbols of the serpent and the apple, the apple representing knowledge, the snake, while up to many interpretations, could at least be said to represent sin, deception, murder, rape, war, but the name of the piece harkens to present time. Do you think that the technology we have now, the manifestation of our cumulative knowledge, is also contributing to societal or moral degradation?

Technology is not the problem, it will help us avoid the the moral and societal degradation, if we use it right. We have already entered the new stage of history and the technological advancements have a great contribution to that, look at the social media and the role thay play in the Arab Springs. People have the ability to be and feel more close now than ever before, all the problems are globalised, this is the thing we face now, we all become part of the solution. But of course, depending on the person (or group) the usage of the technology is controversial, tha nuclear power is used as energy and bomb… On the other hand we have to debunk the technology advancements and use them to help a better life.

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What are you currently working on? How long does one of your pieces take, on average, to complete?

It depends on the work actually but genarally I work very fast, the main idea and the set up can take just a night (I work at nights), but if I count the details and the high resolution rendering, I would say like 2-3 days.

Now, I am working on some colaboration projects with other artists, illustrators, composers etc. Soon they are going to be posted.


Where do you go for inspiration? Who are some influences and what have you learned from them?

The inspiration is always internal, it comes form the inside and you carry it with you all the time. Artists are persons who carry they duty all the way with them. It is not really a job it is a way of living. I think my biggest influence from the artistic side is Paul Klee, a Swiss painter from the first half of the 20th century. He was a teacher also in the Bauhaus academy so I have studied a lot his writings. I learned a lot from him about the composition and Basic design. Another huge influence to me is my father. He took part in the civil war during his teen age, had to flee away from his country, after 33 years he came back, raised 5 children, was married twice and at the age of 81 is probably more energetic than most of the people half his age.

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What are you currently working on? Now that 2012 is more than halfway over, what are your goals for the rest of the year?

I will continue to do what I love most, >create. In my plans for the rest of the 2012 is taking part in a serie of art competitions and experiment more on moving pictures.


What is your favorite beverage?

Coffee 🙂