EK Interview: Adrien Lacheré


Adrien Lacheré has traveled the world as a photographer.  His work focuses on the human condition, and much of it, though not all, addresses the violence in parts of our culture with a sort of nonchalance that brings it to a very human level, that makes it relatable.  Originally from France, here we present you his interview:

Tell us about yourself, how did you get into photography?

I have always been attracted by pictures, photography came naturally to me, and as I hated my hometown, photography made it more interesting and exciting.


What was the most memorable picture you’ve taken, where were you and what was the photo of?

The ‘Freedom’ picture is the more memorable to me, it was taken in my hometown in France chilling with a friend showing me his new shotgun then we took a few photos, bad things happened around him few days after that. The photo of thai model Yok Jade, which I took last year in Thailand, is also special to me, first female photo by me which I like.



What different challenges did you encounter shooting in Thailand versus LA? How did the people in each place take to being photographed?

Probably easier to take pictures in Thailand streets, people are more comfortable with cameras, but it’s not especially versus US, same for Europe. And going to LA was my first travel alone, I was less focused on photography than I was in Thailand, I was there just to met amazin’ people and see the new world.



Have you been pushed out of your comfort zones in search of a good photo? What was the circumstance? Was the shot worth it? 

Not really, I felt really good to be there on all the photos I took, even if there are things or people who don’t usually want to be close, I don’t deal with circumstances, I’m part of it.

This time, I don’t shoot things like this , and I miss it a bit, but I’m going to Thailand again in July  and who knows what and who I’ll meet.


Where did you shoot ‘X’ and ‘Bxl’?

‘Bxl ‘ was shot in Brussels, Belgium in a neighborhood named 5blocks.  The guys welcomed me and now they are big friends of me whom I visit when I can. ‘X’ was shot in my hometown, my first photos, it’s a little part of what I have shot there .



What do you look for differently in a color versus a black and white photo?    Do you approach them differently?    Frame them differently?

I used to shoot only black and white films, but now I really enjoy color. Both have different possibilities, but I think color is a little bit more difficult. Framing differently because you looking for different stuff if shooting in black and white or color.  

Most of your photography is of people, have you experimented with other kinds of photography? What attracted your to portraiture?

When I was kid, I spent all my money to buy magazines just to look at pictures of my favorites sportsmen, rappers etc…I never looked at the text. That’s what pushed me to portrait photography and shaped my aesthetic first. One time, I woke up a 4:00 am and drive alone a few hours to get a special light on a great natural landscape, that was a boring experience and I thought I will always shoot people, and even when shooting buildings or stuff I always relate it with humans.



How do you like your coffee?

Full of sugar iced black coffee, with a smoke.