EK Interview: DDiarte

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DDiArte has been featured twice, their photography is massive in scope, a cacophonous explosion of human form.  With their photography they tell gripping and in depth stories of the human persona, odes to nature, love , lust and more.  Here is their interview:

Tell us about DDiArte, how did it start? How long have you been working together?

When we set up DDiArte in 1999, at that time it was a painting workshop where we brought together the best of both of us for the purposes of creation, painting on canvas.


How did you go from being a painting workshop to a photography studio?

In 2003, after several experiences in the field or digital photography, we discovered the ideal means to express our creativity – Digital Photography artistically touched up and we do photography out of the studio too.


Where did the inspiration for ‘Autumn’ come from? What does the season of Autumn mean to you emotionally?

The inspiration came from the beauty of our forest here on the island and of course the beautiful bodies of the dancers.

art blog - DDiArte - Empty Kingdom

Everyone in your piece ‘Autumn’ is fit, skinny, is there a reason you didn’t include any overweight models?

Weel here in the Island is very difficult to find people that models nude photography and overweight models impossible to find!!

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Were any of the models uncomfortable being nude so close to each other? How did you prepare them, emotionally, for the photo shoot?

we must do girls separate from boys, then we put them together with photoshop. Its very rare to find girls that dont have any problems being naked with boys!!!


Is it more difficult to have a photo with many models posing at the same time or a single model posing that all of the focus is on?

Much more difficult to have more than 2 or 3 models!!


‘Autumn’ seems almost like stills of a performance piece, if you had to turn it into a dance, what would it be about?

In fact almost of all models are dancers, and this photos were made to project during their show in Russia, and here in Madeira Island

art blog - DDiArte - Empty Kingdom


Is anyone from the studio in the photo? How do you feel when you are photographed? When you’re always the one taking the photos does it fell odd to be photographed?

well we start doing photos to each other, cause no one wants to work with us, so we don’t have any problems being the models.

art blog - DDiArte - Empty Kingdom

Colorful leaves are about as representative of Autumn as anything can be, and snow of Winter, but what would you use for Spring and Summer?

well spring we used flowers and very green fields, and summer on the sea water. these photos were made on nature out from the studio

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Where in Portugal are you from? Where is DDiArte located?

we are from and located in Madeira Island Portugal

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What are you working on right now that you’re really excited about?

Right now we have some projects in hands, some super productions with more than 100 models, one of the most ambitious is the final judgment from Miguel Angelo but done DDiArte style!!!

art blog - DDiArte - Empty Kingdom