EK Interview: Fabio Selvatici

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Fabio Selvatici is truly a man of mixed media, his work is a combination of acrylic paints, inks, and digital processing.  Drawing deeply from personal experience Fabio produces works that one cannot deny are vicious and emotional.  Take a peek into his mind:

Tell us about yourself.

I live in Ferrara, a small town in the north est of Italy where I was born 25 years ago and where I grew up. A few years ago I started working as a graphic and web designer. My passion for the digital art started with the curiosity to try something new, something not related to my job but to myself. I needed to find a way to express my moods and so began.

 art blog - Fabio Selvatici - Empty Kingdom

Why have you chosen to work with only women?  How do you think the way your work is affected by the social perception of the female body?

To work with the woman body wasn’t a real choice I took, it’s just happened. I orientated on female figure probably because I find it bewitching..the woman body is more harmonic because of its curves and shapes. I can’t say now..maybe in the future I will be working on the male body!
Personally, I don’t believe to be influenced by the social perception of the woman body.. I think I have a personal way of seeing it.


How did the Fade series differ for you from the Obscure series?  In the Fade series you haven’t named your pieces, is there a reason for that?

The series FADE was developed after the work “11103 The Traveler”, part of the OBSCURE series: It was born from my research. It can be definite both as an attempt to experiment new techniques of photo manipulation and as a special research of my personal liking… For that reasons these works are nameless, they are mostly tries.After this test, ended with fade04, I set aside the series to continue on OBSUCRE that instead.

art blog - Fabio Selvatici - Empty Kingdom

Talk about ‘The Traveler’.  What is she wearing?  Where is she going?  Why have you so named this piece?

Generally I prefer not to give a face to my works: for that reason I chose the subject with the veil. I can see the woman straying in the infinity, as my mind continuously does through surreal lives, lives that do not belong to me but I wish as mine.essentially It is a representation one of my mental journey.

art blog - Fabio Selvatici - Empty Kingdom

How have you progressed artistically from when you did Cellar to Obscure?  How has you approach to work changed since then?

At the beginning, everything started following my inspiration found by studying other artists, one in particular is  Jerek Kubiki. I was so impressed by his work and I felt pushed into creating something that could be mine, even if I had no idea of the way to do that. I needed to find my language. A language that I could fit in, able to represent myself.

“Cellar”  contains my initial experiments: I tried more or less to refer back to Kubiki, but obviously it was just the starting point. Obscure is the result of previous research I did to understand what I really mean to obtain, so when I found what I wanted and identified my style the series came out.

Every image has a specific meaning, for that reason I gave a name to each one.My approach to work is essentially the same since then, it isn’t changed, I follow my thought flow in the creation moments, I don’t plan anything.

art blog - Fabio Selvatici - Empty Kingdom


When you look at digital art what do you notice that you don’t think a digital artist would see?  What was the last piece of art you saw that enraptured you?  What about it was so fantastic?

Personally I believe that everyone has a different point of view, a different way to see, look and feel an opera: here I found the best of Art. Everyone can see what he/she prefers.

Recently I have been affected by Matt Wisniewski, I think he is ingenious. What I mostly love is his pure simple and minimal gusto; I would have this kind of art on my home’ walls.


For ‘My Half’ why have you chosen the upper body?  And why the back?  Is there something you mean to say by being self-referential in name and then hiding the nudity of the subject?

I chose the upper part of the figure because I found it more interesting and mysterious. I always try to let the mind of the observer develop imagination, trying to make he/she feel part of the work.

“My half” expresses my mood during the project time: I felt extremely lonesome and I was always thinking of the woman I wanted but that I could not love and have because of the difficult and complicated situation she lived.

 art blog - Fabio Selvatici - Empty Kingdom

Your work could be perceived as very violent, with the body seemingly being ripped apart or erupting outwards, what would you say of such analysis?  Do you think that today’s culture tears at us or supports us?

Better to define my representations as moods that surrounded me in a pretty dark season of loneliness, strong emotions able to consume a person. I think my images can be representative of effects on human kind.

Today modern culture is strongly focused on trivial bases, we totally waste our lives and people don’t even know the meaning of the word “Life”. It is degrading and we can’t be supported.


What are you working on currently?

Now I am working..a new series very different from what I have done before 😉


Where have you been recently that inspired you?

The last place where I took my inspiration is the 54th art biennial of Venice, it’ s a real forest of ideas.

 art blog - Fabio Selvatici - Empty Kingdom