EK Interview: Ise Ratta Ananphada

Ise Ratta Ananphada hails from Bangkok, Thailand.  Her work is complex and seductive.  Check out her interview.

What was it like growing up in Bangkok?  Where have you lived since then?

Bangkok has a lot of different social, artistic, and cultural aspects, tradition and lifestyles.  Also there is much chaos and pollution, my family didn’t like that, so we decided to move out from the city to a place that feels more natural and peaceful.

How did going to Rangsit University help you develop artistically?  What do you think is one of the greatest benefits of a formal education?

Actually, I was interested in the path of an artist since I was in high-school but that interest deepened once I went away to the university.  Indeed, I learned a lot that I can apply to my work, I think the university helped me develop greatly.  It helped me figure out what I wanted to do, what I really like and what I want to be.

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How did your approach to studying change when you entered college?

The important thing is responsibility.  I have to develop my action and vision because I want to be grown-up. I have to express my vision to my professors, in the same time, I also accept the role and duty that they give to me.  My point is, work is not just only for myself but also for them.


How has your perception of art changed since college?  What are the first thing you notice when you look at a piece of art work?

Knowledge and experience have made me more understanding in an artistic and design capacity, but the first thing I have to notice is to not dependent on any theory but only that art is either beautiful or it is not.


What made you choose to major in visual communication art & design?

 Because I want my work to connect with many people.  In my time here I haven’t made as many visual communications compared to others who have beautiful artwork.  That’s why I want to create more beautiful artwork here.

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What challenges have you encountered as a freelance artist that you do not think you would have encountered otherwise?

Maybe just the problem with some of my clients like getting swindled or having a contract broken.  It’s very tiring to have to deal with those problem by yourself, especially, with really problematic clients (lol like you know, no one loves to deal with a very picky client).


What has been the most rewarding part of working freelance?

I’m proud when I get to do work that I love and the work gets recognized by my peers.


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Do you think the feminine figure is a better subject than the male figure?  Why do you prefer it?

Indeed, I’m interested in the mystique, the expression of women’s eyes, even though male’s figure, naturally, are more beautiful than female.  Maybe because I grew up with very feminine environment, going through all-girls school and was exposed to the duality of human nature through women, whether angelic or devilish.


What is your favorite color and why?

Black, because no one can see through it, cannot be made it more dirty, it’s unadulterated, serene and silent.


Do you prefer rainy or sunny days?

Sunshine day is the best but if I want to stay at home rainy is also good (because of cold! lol).

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Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere.  Maybe I’ll go to a bookstore or furniture and house-ware showroom.


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How do you want viewers to react, what do you want viewers to take away when they see “Can I Cry It Out?”

This is the art for magazine.  The client proposition gave the topic as “Traveler aboard”, I added the  “Homesick” feeling and came up with the idea: “I’m apart from a beloved one, that make me want to cry out loud.”  I’m not sure that I can convey that idea to the other as clearly as I’d like because it depends on viewer’s vision.

art blog - Ise Ratta Ananphada - Empty Kingdom

What are you working on right now?

Magazine Illustration, book covers, CD covers and some of packaging illustration.


Where do you hope to be three years from now?

Maybe running my own business.


What is your favorite food?

I love to eat something like Sukiyaki, Japanese style-BBQ or soup based food.