EK Interview: Jimmy Zombie

He is Jimmy Zombie.  His work makes me think of psychedelic art nouveau from the future.  It’s incredibly colorful and I wish it was sold as puzzle pieces, I would have the whole set if it were.  If Jimmy ever gets enough money to start his own theme park I’m going.  Hell, I’ll be the first person to pitch a tent for opening day.  Check his interview:

Where are you from?

I  am from London.

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How long have you been an artist?  When did you decide that is what you wanted to be?

As long as I can remember. From a very early age I knew it was the path for me.


Why “Jimmy Zombie”?  How did you come up the name?

I blame my parents.


What different media have you used?  What has each kind taught you?

I have worked with every media going. I love to experiment. All has its place and has helped to inform my work. But the key is finding what works for you.

art blog - Jimmy Zombie - Empty Kingdom


How do you chose the colors that you’ll use in a piece?

Its a very organic process, in truth its not something I spend much time thinking about. It just happens.


Which colors do you think work together well?  What about the pairings do you find so successful?

I wish I could say I have a system, but I don’t! like I say it’s just a feeling, i work very quickly so dont spend a great deal thinking about colours.

I am as much a fan of bright lurid colours as I am of deep, dirty messy pallets. they all have their place.

art blog - Jimmy Zombie - Empty Kingdom


What work did you do for Wired Magazine?  How was that experience?

I have done a couple of editorials for Wired, a nice group to work with.


Where do you find inspiration?

All around me, nature, vintage books. Music can be a great soundtrack to an image. What you are listening to at the time can have some effect on your work, As it can greatly alter your mood, tempo and colors.

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How did you think of the design for the “Narcopolis” book cover?  How did you get that job?  Did you read the book?

This was a lovely project to work on and I have also just completed the work on the hardback edition.  Faber got in contact with a great brief, outlining the story of the book.  Unfortunately, at the time of creating the artwork the book was unavailable for me to read.  The original image I created was incredibly psychedelic which was very important to me, as I wanted the image to reflect the subject matter, opium.  But a book cover needs to really stand out on the shelf, especially as the standard of book covers is so high. We stripped back the detail to give it more impact!

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When you’re designing a piece for an artist how do you prepare for it?  How do you capture the emotion of the artist?

The music plays a huge part in this, the lyrics can direct me towards the subject matter and the sound can create the atmosphere.

Musicians are often so busy in the build up to releasing an album, any time spent with them at this stage is great, but not always neccasery.

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Who are some of your influences?  What have you learned from them?

I couldnt pinpiont one influence as there are so many.  Growing up in a house with hippy parents was great, and my parents music collection, sound and album art was an early influence that probably is at the core of my influences.


What are you working on now?

I have just finished working on a campaign for Converse, which has been cool.  I am a big Converse fan so it was great to work with them.  They were also kind enough to let me put my signature in the work, which I thought was a nice touch.

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Do you like wearing hats?

With a wild mane like mine, i couldn’t possibly hide it under a hat!

art blog - Jimmy Zombie - Empty Kingdom