EK Interview: Lissy Elle

Lissy Elle is a dreamer of fantastical proportions. Luckily, she always has her camera handy to share her imagination to the world. Creatively spontaneous and already immensely driven by her passion for photography, Ms. Elle has compiled a style uniquely akin to Wonderland and beyond.

She was more than gracious to share her thoughts and creative sparks in a “one-on-one” interview with us. Read all the juicy details down below!


Hi, thanks so much for taking the time and consideration to do this interview. Let’s kickstart things with an introduction of yourself.

My name is Lissy (Elle) Laricchia, I live somewhere between a tall forest and a cornfield. I am not yet 18-years-old, and I spend a lot of time swinging from a willow tree, having tea parties and naming every single one of my stuffed animals.

Have you attended any formal schooling for photography? Or is this a wholehearted passion that has been a part of your lifestyle since the beginning of time?

I have not attended any formal schooling for photography, or for anything since Grade 2! I’ve been home-schooled and fiddling on and off with a camera for as long as I can remember, getting serious about photography at about age 13.


What truly motivates you as a photographer?

The thought that this next image might be my best, and inspire someone to do something or make something or try something they would not have done otherwise.

Are there any role models in your life that have attributed to your work?

Everyone in my life attributes to my work in some big or small way! By putting me in a certain mood or giving me the perfect prop for my birthday or getting me out of a rut by some reassuring words. Everyone is a role model, either for what to do or what not to do, and that’s decided by my personal interpretation of things.

Broken Hands.

I personally sense a subtle amount of movement in some of your photos. For instance the ones pertaining to conjoined flesh and the like. Can you explain why you chose that certain aesthetic, and how it appealed to you?

My aesthetic choices are based on what I find utterly fascinating at the time. What I find fascinating is the collective work of everything I’ve ever seen, heard or felt, and that’s what makes it so personal.

I was really curious when I stumbled upon your Broken Hands photo. To me that piece felt like a slight departure from your larger breadth of fantasy-based works. What was the idea behind that particular collection of bloodstained photographs?

I took that picture four years ago on Christmas Day, and I still have those band-aids stuck up by my computer desk because I love them so much. One of those band-aids is covering a real cut, I bloodied them up to show fragility after an already grueling winter of blizzards and lack of inspiration. It’s one of the very few older images of mine that I still like and display, perhaps because it was such a happy accident.

The Risen.

Let’s dig into the process of your workflow. Do you like to create spontaneously? Or is there a more outlined way you go about things? What goes through your head when you’re turning an idea into a realization?

I definitely create in circumstances that are spontaneous as well as premeditated, often simultaneously. I have journals crammed with outlines and sketches, notes on my phone filled up with prop ideas, Word documents listing concepts and locations in Times New Roman, but often all my planning goes out the window when I start shooting as rarely anything is how you anticipated it. Whole shoots can be ruined by one little cloud, but often they are made better by the little surprises that come with the job description.

Any favorite movies, TV shows, bands, websites? Hobbies, activities, things you love to get lost in?

I immensely enjoy getting lost in books, a favourite past-time of mine since I was 10-years-old and discovered Harry Potter. As far as other hobbies go I’ll do anything, learn everything and then move on. Photography, reading, writing and music are just the ones that stuck.

Describe what one perfect day in the life of Lissy Elle would be like.

I would carnival hop with my best friends (who don’t mind their pictures being obsessively taken) and my three main cameras would be magically weightless so my back isn’t aching by the end of the night. The carousel would be free and no one would make fun of me for riding it for 2 straight hours.

Hands On Me.

What’s the last dream, or nightmare, you’ve had that gave you that “wow I’m human” sort of feel (or any similar whoa-factor)?

Last year I had a dream that there was going to be an apocalypse, and on doomsday the entire human race was going to be wiped out, but intelligent life would recreate us as perfect clones of ourselves. So from that day onward there was confusion among humans as to whether we were ourselves or replicas that may or may not have been put back together entirely properly, but we would never know. Copyright Lissy Elle 2011, you can’t have this, Twentieth Century Fox.

Are there any potential projects in the works at the moment? Care to share any insider info to our readers?

Nothing in particular! I will be spending this summer in NYC and hope to collaborate with some like-minded photographers, which is something I’ve never done before and am very much looking forward to.

Material Possession.

You can check out more wonderful work by Lissy Elle on her official pages as follows!

Lissy Elle