EK Interview: Slobodan Zivic

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Last time, we interviewed one  of the authors of ThatHipsterPorn.We pick up the conversation with the other half of the duo, Slobodan Zivic. Images are from his latest project, Naissance Du Denude Kaleidoscope

Where do the photos from your blog come from? Are any of them taken yourself?

The photos we present on our blog are, most of it, random pictures from internet. Some of it is reader submission, some are our own designs. We collect and show our viewers what’s out there in forms of eroticism, art, design and photography. We have lot of respect for the artists that we choose to show. We don’t steal or use it in any other way, we show it for a short period, that’s it. A lot of readers are sending in their own work, from photographers, musicians, dj’s, designers and illustrators. ThatHipsterPorn is where we gather all the good stuff we find. I see it more like a digital art gallery.

What subculture(s) are you inspired by? The eroticism in your posts seem pretty accessible across cultures, but the nods to hiphop are intriguing. What is that about?

We choose to post what is inspiring for us, there’s hip hop but also other music genres. We don’t like porn as we know it from, what we call  the old generation. We call the blog ThatHipsterPorn but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is porn, we use the provocative name but we still think of it more as eroticism. What we show is healthy men and women exploring and having fun.

art blog - slobodan zivic - empty kingdom

Are there any specific photographers or other visual artists who have shaped your tastes?

I got inspiration from lot of great artists from Zaha Hadid, Martin Margiela, Andy Warhol, David Lynch and bands like Velvet Underground.

What do you think the role of drugs is in both creating and appreciating art?

I personally don’t use drugs. As a matter of fact I use one dangerous and unhealthy drug, alcohol. I believe that it’s individual and how it affects you in your life and creative process. In my case i don’t like it, I believe life is full of dark twist and turns as it is already, and we can get everything we want without drugs. As much as it helps most of the times, it also makes you weak is my opinion.

art blog - slobodan zivic - empty kingdom

Your work outside of THP is quite impressive, especially the interior design. Your website says you aim to challenge traditional notions of minimalism and functionality. What are some of the guiding principles that dictate your aesthetic? Or is it more just the challenging of the status quo that is important?

I’ve started drawing as a child and continued until to this day. My aesthetic point of view is from the perspective that you always learn and  you’re no better than your latest challenge.  What drives me are collaborations with interesting people and their projects. I also love “nothing” as an aesthetic sensibility , all white, pure and simple. But you’ll notice that most of my artwork is the opposite. I try to do simple and minimalistic expression but most of the time it turns to bombastic and intensive.

Your design work comes in so many different shapes and sizes. This may be difficult to choose, but what is your favorite medium to work in?

As you see in my portfolio there’s everything from interior design, exhibitions, identity design and album covers. I like the variety and contrast when I work. I tend to get restless so I jump from different expressions and media. If I have to choose and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to do that, I’ll choose art and exhibitions, but for now I need to make a living in what I’m good at.

You seem to stay busy with a lot of different projects and running multiple sites. How many different projects are you juggling at any one time? Do you guys bother with sleep?

I have a lot of different projects ongoing, main focus is on my design projects, the blog together with my dj’ing is more of a stimulator. And oh yes! we also like to sleep, even if sleep is the close cousin of death.

My recent project: NAISSANCE DU DÉNUDÉ KALÉIDOSCOPE is  a collaboration with Jens Stoltze editor in chief at S Magazine. It is the first of my graphic series together with photographers I’ll strive to do more of in the future. We chose to send the artworks to different forums worldwide instead of having a real exhibition. We believed more people can take part of it.

art blog - slobodan zivic - empty kingdom