EK Sketchbook: Murat Germen

EK_Murat Germen_SB

Murat Germen‘s experimental photography has portrayed a vision of cities that is novel and colorful. He’s been featured and interviewed and now he has offered us a vision into his work as it progresses, for his part in the Empty Kingdom Sketchbook series he shows us an inside look at his new series, Touch Forever. Take a peek:





Notes on Touch Forever:

I recenty acquired a drone. It feels quite exciting to send my eye up to the skies. I experimented with it quite a bit and the tool sort of became indispensable.


My dear wife Sema has been assisting me lately in all my photography projects. She is there for me once again in my drone related projects; she keeps an eye on the drone while I focusedly keep my eye on the iPad to “see”, she watches where the drone is going and if there is a possible obstacle around to avoid. Her final task is to hold, embrace the drone just before touchdown, since not all terrains are suitable for landing.


I started to photograph her during this final task that I call embracing; it felt as if I was reaching, touching her after a break… Sema is truly very dear to me and these photos, for me, represent the fact that I feel like embracing her again and again periodically in various occasions, even after 20+ years we spent together.

I love you dear…