EK Sketchbook: Raphaël Vicenzi

EK_Raphael Vicenzi_SB

We featured Raphaël Vicenze back in 2010 and interviewed him in 2012 so it’s been a while since we saw anything from him. We thought it would be a great time to get in touch with him and see what he had going on. His work pops off the page, more a parade of images than a series of paintings. He’s agreed to participate in our Sketchbook series so without further ado we present a look behind the scenes at his work!

I always carry a notebook in my pocket, I take notes when something comes up. I don’t want to forget it, mostly a few words that I like, visual cues, books I need to read or check out online, crazy half ass ideas that I find funny kite. Not sure why I need to write these down but I always regret not to be able to write my thoughts when needed. I am kinda a bit OCD about it I think.







Various pieces I’ve started working on but maybe I won’t finish them because another idea or mood will come up instead. I don’t always connect to the image directly, all my unfinished works are in a state of future possibility. So they just sleep silently on my computer until I manage the will and courage to keep working on them again. At worst, I’ll break them apart again to be re-used in another new work.





Digitally made textures that I thought I would use. Usually they just stay forgotten unless I break them apart and re-use parts in future works.


I create my own textures with acrylic paint, markers, gouache and such to be scanned and then re-used in my digital works. Sometimes I think that I should just pretend to be an abstract painter and do the same on canvas instead of using A4 sheets of paper.
I used to have a good scanner and it would scan those nice bright colours easily but then it died.
I now have to use darker colours because my new cheap scanner can’t pick up those bright colours and it’s really frustrating.





A few collage works I started when I thought it would be a good idea to make some. They’re awkward but all my works are like that.