Two Thousand and Eleven is finally here, and not a moment too soon.

www.emptykingdom.com was born a little over a year ago to this day.  You were here to see it, share it, and love it.  (Thank you so much) -It started with a desire to share the art that inspires us, but aside from building the site, we didn’t have much serious plans after that.  We weren’t even sure you would show up, to tell you the truth.

And now that so many of you are here, we began to wonder… what next?

After following other big blogs for so long, something hit us.  The realization that some of these sites with millions of viewers a month… aside from sharing cool art, promoting artists and events, well they don’t do shit else for society or humanity at large.

And don’t give us some philosophical bullshit about sharing new art with people being enough to influence society.  If you have a million fucking viewers come to your site a month, you have the real power to directly influence society for good (or bad).

Sharing cool art and giving more perspective into the world of art is fine for young artists and tourists, but in the end all they are doing is proliferate “the cool.”  And to tell you the truth, there’s no difference between those sites and large corporations that hire an artist to specially design their product or promote an event in an effort to re-present them in their own brand of “cool”.

All this appropriation and proliferation of “cool” artwork is meant to increase their own brand value and attain power and influence.

And we have decided that is. not. enough.


And it is a mad, mad dream.

“Ask not what your art site can do for you, but what it can do for humanity.”

Ask Empty Kingdom this question a year ago, and you would get a few shrugs and a “pass the booze/joint.”

But now we know.


What is a 90/10 company?  It’s a company that annually donates 90% of our income to benefit humanity.  We intend to keep only 10% of our income.

Now, I know this sounds crazy, because if someone gave you a hundred bucks, you wouldn’t dare give a homeless person $90 and keep only $10, would you?  That would be crazy.

Well, we dare to and we are crazy.  The idea is to start off as a 10/90 company.  -Donating 10% and keeping 90%.  But that’s just because we are still young and hungry.
(and because our site is non-profit so far, with zero income earned -notice the lack of banner ads?)

Anyways, each year we will attempt to increase the amount we donate, until eventually we are giving 90% and keeping only 10% of our gains.

That is when we will be a true 90/10 company.

We have decided our future does not lie in attaining power and using it only to keep the machine going.
Don’t get us wrong, we will grow to become a powerful art site that indeed shares the dopest art, but we will not stop there.  Ever.

Imagine if all the largest corporations kept only 10% of their profit (after operating expenses), and donated 90% to worthy causes around the world?  Imagine the kind of world we would have if all corporations desired to operate like this.  There would be no hunger, poverty, or greed left for the evil to capitalize on.

The world would be a better place.

Humans would be better animals.

…And we won’t lie, we have no idea how to make it happen, yet.  The task is beyond daunting or challenging.  We’re not even sure if we’ll make this goal in our lifetime, but finally discovering our purpose and place within society has allowed us to wake up every day and not only feel good about what we are doing, but have ten times the energy to do it.

The day we can announce we are officially a 90/10 company will be a glorious one indeed.

so… today… the first day in the year of the star

We are officially announcing our intentions as a company so you can hold us accountable.
Because some day we will also hold accountable other companies to try to follow our lead.

Empty Kingdom is about to embark on a fantastic voyage, a daring mission throughout time and space; and all you lovely people will  be witness.

Witnesses, and hopefully accomplices.

We dare you to dream big but also unselfishly.
Get as much as you can, but give as much as you get.

Now that our official declaration is over, what can you look forward to in 2011 and beyond from Empty Kingdom?

More dope art, interviews, exclusive content, and other stuff you would expect any good art site to do; but that won’t make us special or different from any other sites you go to.

So you can also expect altruistic calls for actions, guerrilla marketing, more audience participation, and most importantly, the proliferation of knowledge, perspective, and wisdom to go along with that dope art that turns us on.

We will need your help.

Empty Kingdom