Empty Kingdom Hiring Worldwide!!!

Hello beautiful people around the world, get your resumes and portfolios ready, because Empty Kingdom wants you.

Much like the known universe, Empty Kingdom is expanding.  Our mission is friendly but it is not one to be taken lightly.
In our first year in existence we had over 1.5 million visitors, (and that’s maintaining the website part-time while also having busy day jobs/lives as independent artists) -now imagine what will happen once we all get together. Because if we really mean to change the world, we need your help.


  1. SHARE COOL ART (too easy.  all art blogs do it, and doesn’t make us special)
  2. CREATE TRUE CONNECTIONS with the people of the world.
  3. SUPPORT ARTISTS/COMMUNITY -Help all artists support each other.  Help bad artists learn to be good.  Make good artists great.  Make great artists… um, do whatever they want because nobody tells a great artist what to do.
  4. USE ART TO CHANGE THE WORLD -Seriously.  We believe art is good but could be great if it directly impacted the society around it instead of just showing in a gallery for a few weeks before being hidden away from the world in some rich dude’s basement forever while its digital copy sits on some kid’s desktop for a few weeks.  The kid loves the artist, mimics their style, and then produces their own art, which hopefully will show in a gallery for a few weeks before being hidden away from the world on some rich hipster’s apartment wall.  Do you see what’s going on here?  How does this really change society or benefit the people? Is even a hundred of those artists worth one single person who spends their life feeding homeless people?  It’s hard to say.  But we believe Art can must be more then some esoteric idea of influencing culture through coolness of existence alone.  There is nothing wrong with being “only” an artist all your life.  But there is something wrong with spending your whole life only making art.  Got it?
  5. HELP YOURSELF -Life is short.  The happier  and more knowledgeable you are with yourself, the greater capacity you have to give back and enjoy life.  Because life is beautiful.


  1. Working with Empty Kingdom.  ‘Nuff said.
  2. A chance to meet/work alongside/learn from some of the worlds greatest artists.  Seriously.  We have damned good taste and that is a fact all artists featured on our site and fans might agree upon.
  3. Happiness.  Happiness is creating art.  Happiness is having people around you that will love and support your art forever.  Happiness is seeing your work directly influence culture and society.  Happiness is being a part of something living and breathing that is truly greater than you.  Happiness is living art and being art.  Happiness is a warm gun, and we’re fucking holding it.
  4. Did we mention the great artists?  They’re really great.

We encourage people around the world to apply.  When we say we want everyone, we really mean everyone.  Here’s what we’re looking for, in no particular order (but not limited to):  Filmmakers, Producers, Editors, Photographers, Painters, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Visual Effects Artists, Industrial Designers, Architects, Sculptors, Web Designers, 3D Artists/Animators, Programmers, Rocket Scientists, Concept Artists, Handymen, Lawyers, Actors, Dancers, Performance Artists, Engineers, Scientists, Make up Artists, Journalists, Writers, Sales(wo)men, Survivalists, Farmers, Political Consultants, Human Rights Activists, Non-Profit volunteers, and anyone in any useful field and loves art.

WEB AUTHORS -We need talented writers/artists with good amazing taste that want to get on board and earn a callname and become an author on our site.  Will be responsible for finding great art to share and interview artists around the world.  (non-paid, we’re all volunteering our time!)
INTERNS -For those starting out and are hungry for experience, opportunity, and connection.  See your work actually impact our company.   Give us what you can, and you will get tenfold back.  Our goal is to turn your soft, hope-filled, jelly asses into hardened artist professionals ready for all the challenges of the future.  Take pride in knowing your resume will be kick-ass by the time you’re ready to move on.  When you leave us you will have the confidence in knowing that the next company you visit to hire you will be lucky to have you(non-paid, but with potential for pay on specific projects.)
PROJECT VOLUNTEERS -For people with less time or are only interested in volunteering for projects that tickle their fancy.  For instance you are a sculptor and we have a sculpture garden project in Central Park (right up your alley), so you sign up for that!  (Also non-paid, but totally worth it, as ALL projects that need volunteers will involve awesome artists and you will get your due credit alongside all, whether you made the sculpture or mixed materials.)
FREELANCERS/INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS -For those who only have time to work on projects that pay the bills.  (Paid, but skills and dependability will be crucial.)
CONSULTANTS -For those talents who are busy but still care enough to donate some of their time giving direction and advice to a project or need. (non-paid or project based incentives)
PERMANENT STAFF -La Familia.  The inner circle.  Warning:  Once you’re in, you’ll never leave.  It’s like the mafia except instead of sending your own best friend to kill you, we promise we’ll treat you so good you’ll never want to leave.  (obviously paid)


  1. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT: This mostly applies to interns and college students. We work very hard and expect the most from ourselves and therefore expect it of you as well.  We will push and pull and prod you into doing both simple and challenging work.  Your only comfort is knowing we would never ask you to do something we haven’t first done ourselves.    So grasshopper, if you have problems with the following personality traits, come back when you’re ready:  Defeatism.  Laziness.  Selfishness.  Negative attitude.  Thinking it’s ever okay to be late on a deadline.  Bigotry.  Stupidity.  -However if you don’t have those problems; freaks, geeks, weirdos, outcasts, misfits and loners are more than welcome to apply.
  2. ASK HARD QUESTIONS FIRST: Am I willing to dedicate my valuable time towards this group that will depend on me for my work?  Will I sacrifice something of myself in the process of gaining more?  Am I really ready to be a part of something bigger than me and check my ego at the door?
  3. BE EASY: Still here?  Good.  Relax.  We love you.  We’re just getting serious for a minute so the untrue go away.  It’s like that scene in Fight Club where everyone has to wait outside in the rain for Tyler Durden to come out and yell at them before they let the persevering faithful in.  Because what we have in store for the world is worthy of only the best and brightest.



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