EK Interview: Bicicleta Sem Frieo

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Last year, our noble Konahrtist posted some of the work of the gentlemen of Bicicleta Sem Frieo This year, we asked them to tell us a bit about themselves and their work and they kindly obliged. Here’s the interview, check it out.

Introduce yourself and your what you do.
We are a graphic design studio, formed by three people (Victor, Renato e Douglas) and we focus more on illustration and animation.

Tell us about Bicicleta Sem Freio; about each artist.
We met in 2004, when we studied design in the Universidade Federal de Goiás (Federal University of Goiás) in the city of Goiânia and in 2005 we put the studio toguether with some other friends, to learn the trade without great pretensions. We’ve been together ever since. Me (Renato) and Victor are from the “countryside” of our state and Douglas is from the capital. We’re really diferent from each other but drawing keeps us together.

art blog - Bicicleta Sem Freio - Empty Kingdom

What is your mission/goal?
We want to live and do what we like most, and at the same time pay our bills with it!
Is there anything better than turning your fun into your work?

How does your collaborative process typically work?
Our methodology isn’t written in stone, we usually study each case, which of us would fit better, and if the best way is mixing the 3 styles, that’s what we do.
art blog - Bicicleta Sem Freio - Empty Kingdom

What are some of the benefits of collaborating with others? Disadvantages?
I think there aren’t any disadvantages that deserve being named, just benefits. The difficulty in dealing with a bigger number of people actually turns into a benefit because you learn to work as a team and understand that your opinion is just a vote. We understand that the final product of many heads has a better chance of ending up better.

Which one of you is the fastest runner?
(Laughs) No one, we really only just rush towards food! Specially towards fast food when we’ve been going through the night to finish a project.
art blog - Bicicleta Sem Freio - Empty Kingdom

Which artists do you consider your influences?
I think our biggest characteristic is our influence salad, there are so many that it would be unjust to name 2 or 3 but, for example, we’re big fans of Rafael Grampá (http://furrywater.wordpress.com/), he’s a great brazilian comic book artist and our friend. We’re also fans of Buraco de Bala ( www.buracodebala.com), an animation studio from Brasília, big friends also.
And James Jean, Tara McPerson, McBess… Well, we could write a bible of our influences (laughs).

What themes or ideas do you typically run across in your work?
Our biggest theme is for sure rock’n’roll, we really love it and have our own band (Black Drawing Chalks), we experience tours and the music life and many times put it into paper and illustrations come out. Rocker chicks, we really like that! Lol.
art blog - Bicicleta Sem Freio - Empty Kingdom

Where do you find inspiration for your art?
On the internet mostly, we’re always listening to rock bands, looking for pictures of beautiful girls to inspire our drawings, we’re also very much into tattoos and the rock’n’roll lifestyle and the cool people we meet.

What projects are you currently working on?
Right now we’re working on a series of exclusive posters that will be sold and used on expositions here in Brazil.
art blog - Bicicleta Sem Frieo - Empty Kingdom

What goals do you have for Bicicleta Sem Freio?
We always want to grow as professionals, as a company (in the square business way and also in the fun way), and continue to live in the most natural style, which we love.
And always strengthen our contacts and professional friends, that is always great.

EDITED BY FAMINE. This interview feels a little sparse. Maybe do some followup questions?