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We featured Federico Bebber previously here. Hit the jump to peep our interview with the artist himself.

Did you want to an artist as a child? If so, why?

Strangely enough, I wanted to be a comic actor when I was a kid. Now, people call me a “dark artist,” but I’m just using images instead of a psychologist! I just need to express myself.

You’ve been working with digital art since 1998. Any other mediums you have used?

No, I’ve always been a digital “worker.” Started my first graphics work on the legendary Commodore Amiga with Deluxe Paint.

Have you been to school for art or are you self-taught?

Self-taught. I’m really familiar with computers. My first one was an Apple II when I was nine years old. I remember tons of “syntax errors” to my inputs. Then I started with Applesoft Basic.

Who would you consider your influences?

Hans Rudolf Giger and Dave McKean, on the graphic side. I get lots of inspiration from music. I listen to almost everything; from punk to classical. There’s also a lot of influences coming from B-Horror movies.

What have you learned from them and how has it contributed to your style?

I just admire their work. Sometimes I read comments about my works like “That’s Giger-esque” and i just smile…

You use digital tools to alter photography, but where do the photographs themselves come from? Do you take them yourself?

Some are mine, some are just stock photos. I don’t want “great shots” to start my works. Sometimes i start with crappy low res photos. I don’t have a set path for this.

What equipment do you use?

It’s not so important. Nikon DSLR, sometimes Canon. I really don’t care about hardware. Photoshop is useful but I can do the same work with other tools.

Describe your process

I usually start with an idea while listening to music. Then I try to find the right photo, the right texture, the right mood. That can take a few hours or a few days. Sometimes  I find things in my trash that other people find wonderful.

One effect in particular, that of flesh stripped away, revealing muscle and sinew is very impressive. Could you explain how you achieve this effect?

Just texturing, it is technically easy to achieve. Many layers with manual displacement of the texture. The real trouble is getting that kind of effect within a serious mood. I don’t want a comic vignette, horror is a serious thing. Realism is key.

Your works often have text associated with them. Are they a part of the piece meant to describe or augment the work? Are they an afterthought or the inspiration?

All my works have lyrics related with something from my life. Sometimes it is not related to the work directly, sometimes I just need to cry with someone 🙂

Where do you draw your inspiration and how do you pursue or develop an inspiring idea?

Sex, love, nature! And music, yes I can’t live without music!

What’s next for you? How do you see your art changing, progressing?

My art is not changing, I’m always the same. I just don’t want to die without a few scars.

What inspired you to use martial art film stills in the backdrop of your website?

I’m a superhero.

Okay, I’m not.

What trends do you see in photography/graphic design these days?

Too many copycats. I hate it when someone asks how to reproduce a work of mine. I’m not angry but I don’t understand WHY. Try to find YOUR way, don’t follow the paths of others!

Be free! 🙂

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art blog - federrico bebber - empty kingdom

art blog - federrico bebber - empty kingdom

art blog - federrico bebber - empty kingdom

art blog - federrico bebber - empty kingdom