EK Interview: Gehard Demetz

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Gehard Demetz is a favored artist here at EMPTY KINGDOM! Demtez was featured back in August 2010, January 2011, and was chosen for the EK TOP 100 Artist of 2010! And we got to interview him! I want one of his pieces so I can just sit and stare at it for hours. Check out the interview below.

What attracted you to wood?
The warmness and softness.

What kind of wood do you use? What are their benefits/drawbacks?
Lime, to me it is the ideal material for the processing and the construction of my sculptures.

art blog - Gehard Demetz - empty kingdom

What kind of tools do you use?
Chainsaw, sandpaper and tools for carving and rasping.

What emotions, themes or possible messages that can be derived from your work?
I am interested in Rudolf Steiner’s thoughts. He says that children until the 6th -7th year of age adopt in their subconscious their ancestor’s experiences. It is thrilling to me to transfer this on my one experience and to use it for the workup of current topics.

How long does the average piece take to complete?
It depends on the complexity of the sculpture.

art blog - Gehard Demetz - empty kingdom

Tell us about your process from beginning to end.
I retain the idea with small sketches and drawings. As second step I build up and mould the figure with wood pieces – module. This technique enables me to construct and to remove with curving steels at the same time. Usually I begin with the head and adapt the rest of the body to the facial expression. The skin related parts become tensioned and subsequently smoothed with sandpaper.

art blog - Gehard Demetz - empty kingdom

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
In everyday life and books.

What other media have you experimented with?
Plexiglas, fabrics, bronze, plasticine and paper.

How long have you been an artist?
I don’t know.

What made you choose this particular media?
The game of transparent and non-transparent, of surface and depth.

How has your work changed from when you first began?
There are no more commissions, the works get more intimate and the experience increases at every step.

art blog - Gehard Demetz - Empty Kingdom

Who do you consider some primary influences in your art?
Reading and radio.

Have you had any mentors along your way? What have you learned from them?
A very few …. this brought me to tutor myself with a lot of effort.

Where do you see your art going next thematically? Aesthetically?
The transition from childhood to adult, transitions in general, setup and destruction from blurring up to dissolution still intrigue me.

art blog - Gehard Demetz - Empty Kingdom

How much wood would a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?
A lifetime.

Save the Whales or the Dolphins first?
The Siberian tiger, dolphins, ladin people, whales, Sami…

art blog - Gehard Demetz - Empty Kingdom