EK Interview: Gianmarco Magnani

The art of Gianmarco Magnani, or Silence Television and The Jetpilots is clean. So clean that it turns Mr. Clean on and makes his bald head sparkle like emo kids when they walk out in the sunlight. Empty Kingdom was treated to an interview with him, and who are we to be greedy greedies? No, we will most definitely share, here it is:

Tell us about yourself, where you grew up, what that was like.
I’m always walking around with a pencil and paper.
I like to read magazines, books about design, illustrations and especially logotypes.
I love to draw, I love art and always accompanied with music.

I’ve always lived immersed in drawings and with a library near to me so I can look inside each book and each picture, from science themes to master pieces.
I’ve always been interested in reviewing them, leaving aside the literature and paying attention to every detail, line and color.
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Did you go to school for art?
Yes, I studied graphic design.
Actually I have a great passion for sculpture and I would love to devote myself to it, but for many reasons I decided to study design. I love my profession and if I had to go back to school, I would choose the same career.

How do you think your education has helped develop your work?
It helped me a lot. Before graphic design I studied several introductory courses about different visual arts such as: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, design and photography.

Having studied those themes gave me a clear vision about how things work in this medium. I’m sure that I have not learned enough from each visual art, but the introduction to each one of them helped me to understand a little more of the arts.

Within my field I studied a lot of digital design, but also I studied courses about human anatomy which made me to be inclined to this issue and have it almost always present in my work.
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What is the most significant change you have witnessed in your work since your first piece?
Less colors. Now I just use two or three colors. Before, I used almost the entire range of colors within a single composition. Now I have black as main color and main line, and some accents and details of a subtle color range. I think that this gives me a strong and more solid composition and a better look.

I’ve standardized the format. I used to do my illustrations with different compositions and did not worry working that way. Now, since I started with these Series, my Prints have a square format which fits perfect with my work.

The construction of each form is not based in the color and contrast, but just focuses on the line. Previously my work had no lines, now is the most important element.

What was your first piece?
Print NÂș001

Do you have a motorcycle?
I definitely love motorcycles, their design and aesthetics. I prefer 60’s models that don’t have many colors and look “fast”…
but currently I’m dedicated to rebuild my 65 convertible.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever ridden?
My car only goes up to 100 KMH
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What attracted you to digital art?
Being able to develop my work in series and in different formats and on different media.
My work is composed by almost a 70% design and 30% typography, so sometimes the handmade typography looks great but digitally you can get fine details that would take me many days to achieve with a pencil. Furthermore, digitally you have the opportunity to see your work up close and get many details which will make a whole piece looks quite worked.

But there are some things that I never will change as the warmth of the stroke of a pencil or the feel of touching a sheet of paper.

Have you experimented with other media?
Yes, I have worked with analog and digital photography and even now I’m keen to apply my ideas to the sculpture and see my designs as 3-D objects.

What is your favorite aspect, object, body part or otherwise, about your art?
Not having to explain all what happens in a scene.
I prefer not to define my work, even for myself …
Actually I have no concept behind each work and prefer to keep it that way.
I think that if I begin to explain my work, the imagination of those who see it will disappear.

Whom do you count among your influences?
Undoubtedly if I had not looked at a book of Egon Schiele, I would not be doing these works.
I think that one of the most obvious influences has been to see every time his drawings and his line.
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How has he affected your art?
His simplicity and the clear way of defining the expression of a body or a face.

Whenever I have studied human anatomy I have resorted to his drawing.
I know I will not get to draw like him and it’s not what I want to do, but I had the opportunity to see his work in person and was enough to understand that my way was the line and not the color.

What is the most challenging aspect about digital art?
Every copy is an original piece by itself.

What’s next for you in terms of series, shows or plans?
I’m working on new Prints
I’m currently drawing a Series about tattoos, and I’m working even with more details in the coming Series.
I have several sketches of electric guitars and some ideas for motorcycle too.

I’m planning to apply my art into T-Shirts and spend a little of my time doing it.

I have in mind a project entitled “A Hundred Prints” and I think the title is clearly defining the theme.