EK Interview: Thomas Tibitanzl

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EK invited Mr. Thomas Tibitanzl for an interview, and he honors us with his words, giving us a peek into the mind behind the body of work. Can you dig it?!

Introduce yourself, where you’re from.

My name is Thomas Tibitanzl, I am 25 years old and was born in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Since 1989 I have been living in Munich, Germany.

What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

I do Graphic and Web Design as a professional and Digital Art as a hobby ( and addiction ) in my spare time. I was involved into design when I discovered Photoshop 5.0. Back then, I learned and practiced only web design and later Flash to build my own personal interactive website, just for fun. After several websites I created over the years, I got better and decided to become a media designer as a professional. When I started to study design at school, I got serious into Graphic Design and Digital Art. I started to create my first artworks and that’s where all begun!

Where did you learn?

I am a completely self-taught designer and artist. I think you learn the most, when you are willing to experiment with the programs and see how they work. You do not need to worry about any guidelines  or other obstacles that reminds your brain all the time. You have total freedom, try to discover new techniques and develop your own style step by step.

art blog - Thomas Tibitanzl - empty kingdom

What are some common themes that run in your art work?

Well it’s about life in general, themes like: dreams, imagination, creativity, inspiration, theories and concepts of nature, life and the universe, technology, society, war, the destination of mankind etc. I describe my artworks as portraits of my concepts and ideas, that have symbolism to a story or message and sometimes the scenario itself is just an illusion.

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What trends do you see in digital art these days?

I think people will start to experiment more with 3D Artworks, like the 3D feature in nowadays Cinemas. It is in the early stages and didn’t reach its full potential, but it looks promising for sure. On the other hand women in Digital Art and Graphic Design as the main motive was and is trendy for a very long time.

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Describe the process of creating one of your works of art

The whole concept literally is created in my head, like a virtual playground. For me it is personally the best way, because I have absolutely no restrictions and total freedom, it is a good training and it stimulates the brain for better imagination. I think you will get a better result if you just free your mind, close your eyes and start to think and visually construct the concept in your head, rather than scribble your idea on paper. When I am happy with the concept I try to recreate it as accurate as possible with Photoshop.

art blog - Thomas Tibitanzl - empty kingdom

How large would it be printed at full 300dpi?

My artwork’s original size is the european DIN A2 format @ 300dpi, converted it’s 16.5 x 23.3 inches, I print them in DIN A1, that’s 23.3 x 33.1 inches big and the quality is very good. I guess even DIN A0, 33.1 x 46.8 inches would still look ok, but I haven’t tried it yet…

What is your favorite piece and why

I don’t really have a personal favorite, I put all my passion and maximum effort in every single piece. But I am proud of my artwork “Reflections And Warnings“, it’s my interpretation of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam“ in a quite shocking/disturbing way. The artwork is a timeline of the human race and their historical reflections, it should be seen as a warning. The original size is 400×60 cm @ 300 dpi, that is 157.480 x 23.622 inches wide, so printed it could be double the size, quite a monster 🙂

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What aspects of culture/history intrigue you and are included in your work?

When you look back at our timeline, there is war and destruction, it is the fight over power, a never ending story. There are and always will be people who are striving for more power to get their ego satisfied. There are bad characteristics like envy, greed, jealousy, hate, malice, status, indifference, that effect our society. A couple of these issues were addressed in some of my artworks.

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Who are some artists who inspire you?

2Advanced Studio, Cris Vector, DVEIN, Eboy, Robert Gonsalves, Julie Heffernan, Mi Ju, Maki Kahori, David Fuhrer, Iain MacArthur, Paul Lee, Owaikeo, Ryohei Hase, Jerico Santander, Sugarrhyme, Alex Trochut, Kurt Wenner, Jacek Yerka

And many artist of artgroups like: Depthcore, Evoke, Intrinsic Nature, Slashthree and THE KDU

What websites and other resources do you visit in searching for inspiration/reference?

I mostly visit Abduzeedo and the artgroups I mentioned above when they release their so called “chapters“, it’s always amazing to see what people come up with when different themes are given.

How do you want your art to evolve in the future?

I would like to explore and express the maximum of my imagination and create more advanced compositions with unique concepts. In the future I will try to mix and balance different styles together and see how it works…

What superpower would you like to have?

Teleportation would be super cool, so I could teleport myself at lunch breaks to tropical islands for a swim, or to have a magical brush that can paint things into reality, like the concept of my artwork “My Own World“

art blog - Thomas Tibitanzl - empty kingdom

If we were taking bets, how many years do you think it would take for the world to destroy itself?

I think in 100 years from now on it’s game over, am I being too optimistic? 😉

art blog - Thomas Tibitanzl - empty kingdom

Thank you for this interview!