Empty Kingdom: Past, Present, & Future


Hello all you lovely people. It’s been a very long time since we’ve spoken to you directly. We know this, and we sincerely apologize for our previous absence. It won’t happen again.

In any case, to our true fans that stuck around: we never stopped loving you, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Seriously, it is the fans who got us started, the fans kept us going through the tough times, and the fans who wouldn’t let us put it down and walk away when push came to shove. Every email we got thanking us for our work, every kid who ever asked us where we went and when we were coming back.. they were the reason we didn’t quit.

This is an incredibly important moment in history for us because this is the time where we will look back and be thankful we did not quit, that we fought for the future of the site.. and it is because of you.

“You are here, we are everywhere” is our motto -but the truth is quite the opposite.
We are here because you are everywhere.

And to our true fans, listen carefully: we’ve been patiently plotting not just our return but plans for growth. We have some exciting new announcements on the way so stay tuned! If you want to help out, please sign up for our newsletter or drop us a line.

Lastly, we are looking for more contributors so if you’re interested in being a writer or serving in another capacity, please feel free to contact us. We have always welcomed the freaks, geeks, losers, and weirdos -as long as their hearts are pure for the love of great art.

And great art is what we’re going to keep serving you lovely people on a daily.

Because we love you more than we love ourselves.

Long live Empty Kingdom.