Enter the Void, a Gasper Noe Film

When you watch a Gasper Noe film you get ready to be violated.  And I don’t mean in the “I just had my date feel me up in the movie theater” way, but the “It took me two tries to get through this film, but now I’m done and get me Listerine quick is so I can pour it in my eyes” kind of violated…

And frankly, we like that kind of film, over here.

So by that definition, the new trailer for Gasper Noe’s ENTER THE VOID looks delicious.  I’m almost scared to watch it, how twisted my mind may come out.  I swear I just recovered from IRREVERSIBLE a few years ago, and here I am salivating to go down the same road again.

Via Twitch: The Trailer


Stills from ENTER THE VOID:

…and in case you weren’t planning on watching IRREVERSIBLE first: