Usually I wouldn’t judge a film by a sampling of its screenshots, but wow, just wow. Not a hint of subtly here. To me, a film centered on teen-frustration can have a great amount of potential. A storyteller can inject / dissect new ideas through the gaze of youthful clay, a group not yet adjusted to their growth and changing environments. Richard Bates Jr.‘s debut Excision takes that concept to a literal manifestation, and delivers a smart cult-worthy nightmare befitting of its title. Official short-and-sweet plot details as follows:

“Pauline wishes that reconnecting with her mother was as easy as picking scabs. Or that fixing her sisters lung disorder was as simple as dissecting road kill. Maybe the other girls at school would be nicer to her if they knew she fantasized about performing surgery on them…”

Gruesome red band trailer can be streamed down below! Enjoy? And of course… NSFW…

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Excision, 2012