Director Marek Polgar explores the philosophical boundaries of the mazes we live in his feature film debut EXIT. Doors that just lead to other doors, but which one takes us to the end?

Official synopsis can be read as follows:

“Every day growing numbers of men and women walk the streets of the city, opening doors. They leave their jobs, their families, their entire lives behind so they can open dozens of doors a day.

They believe that the city is a maze. They are searching for something they’re convinced has been lost: the exit. They don’t know what’s waiting behind it, but they all agree that whatever it is it must be something better.

Some are sure that nothing in this world, our world, matters at all. The people who live here are only obstacles, distractions, or pawns. Many believe that love is a trap – just another reason to grow comfortable within the maze. You’ll settle down, have children, and soon won’t even see the walls around you. Exhausted by the search, others try to return to their old lives only to find the city never looks the same again.

The believers gather in strange, disorganized meetings to swap maps and tactics. Some say that the exit can only be opened if you have no attachments to this world. Others say it’s just a door. Some say they’ll write maps for all their loved ones once they’ve found it; others can’t wait to leave everything behind.

Using an arcane system of maps, symbols and measurements, one believer – a woman named Alice – says she’s pinpointed its location. She’s sure that once she opens the door, she’ll be gone.

EXIT is Marek Polgar’s first feature film. Its central idea – that the city is a maze containing a lost door to another world – fascinated Marek as both a strange sci-fi premise and as the basis for a psychological drama. In EXIT, Marek wanted to ask: what separates an idea that is seemingly crazy from the other day-to-day ideas that drive us? The film explores how a single belief can fracture people in different ways, and transform a familiar city into a foreign world.”

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EXIT, 2012

Marek Polgar
Surface Tensions Films