NASA‘s Kepler Mission is designed to search and discover other Exoplanets within neighboring regions of our very own Milky Way Galaxy. With now over 1,000 orbiting giants found, the real challenge is to find a habitable one. In order to help facilitate in the visualization of Kepler’s database, the creatives at both Blprnt and Oblong have teamed up to create an interactive installation entitled Exo. Quick official description as follows:

“Exo is a visualization tool for exploring the nearly 2,300 exoplanet candidates that have been so far identified by NASA’s Kepler mission.

Working with the excellent folks at Oblong, this video shows a prototype of Exo running in a spacial, gestural environment.

Full release of Exo for the web, tablet, and the future, coming soon.”

Check out Exo‘s demo-run down at the bottom!

Exo: A Visualization of Kepler’s Exoplanet Candidates, 2012
Kepler Mission