Faithful, Oh Faithful

As we near the Holidays, expect all your favorite sites to be wishing you well.  Well, we’re beating them to the punch by saying Thank You right now!

In the beginning, there was a group of artists who wanted a way to share their inspirations with the world.  And thus, Empty Kingdom was born, and it has been a labor of love for all the people involved.   We are a completely volunteer-driven site, and the only reward we get is the comments and shared love from our readers.  While it is tough to keep the site going when we’re also busy trying to make it as artists ourselves, it is because of you that it’s totally worth it.

When we started we knew had something special, but never expected it to be so successful so fast.  It’s crazy because we are doing better numbers then most the art sites that inspired us to begin with!  And we know it is all because of our lovely readers who have been so faithful and supportive.  We truly believe that we are nothing without you, so remember that.  We take nothing for granted, and if we could massively fellate all of you, we would.

Empty Kingdom is not just a company or a collection of artists, it’s a culture we are working to create together.  You can expect big things from us next year, because 2011 is the year of the Star.

We will be drinking shots in honor of you all at our annual company dinner next month.


The Empty Kingdom Staff