Five Star Existence

Five Star Existence enters the curiosity and personal tale of Finnish writer / director Sonja Lindén, as she sets forth to try to understand the advancement of technology in her own life, and its potential attrition to human nature. I love this kind of stuff… Intriguing synopsis can be read as follows:

“FIVE STAR EXISTENCE is the director Sonja Lindén’s personal and sensitive quest to the core of the modern information society where technology and human being get more and more entwined. It explores our society being on the verge of turning ubiquitous – a wireless society, where the laws of time, space and distance are revolutionizing the concept of liaison. Do the consequences of the technological revolution increase our freedom or do they limit us? Is it possible to find a balance between one’s own natural rhythm and the society that spins at an ever increasing speed, demanding a lot from us? Are we chasing the echoes of our lost inner wholeness in our everyday lives, which are becoming busier, more fragmented and more rational than ever before?”

Stream the trailer for the tech-doc down below!

Five Star Existence, 2011