Ghostly / Matthew Shlian

Matthew Shlian is a paper engineering extraordinaire. In this short documented feature by Ghostly International, Shlian explains how his work embraces both the arts and sciences, while utilizing his never-ceasing curiosity to search for more questions rather than answers.

Directed by Jakob Skogheim, with musical backdrop by Shigeto. More detailed artist info can be read as follows:

“Matthew Shlian works within the increasingly nebulous space between art and engineering. As a paper engineer, Shlian’s work is rooted in print media, book arts, and commercial design, though he frequently finds himself collaborating with a cadre of scientists and researchers who are just now recognizing the practical connections between paper folding and folding at microscopic and nanoscopic scales.

An MFA graduate of Cranbrook Academy, Shlian divides his time between teaching at the University of Michigan, mocking up new-fangled packaging options for billion dollar blue-chips, and creating some of the most inspiring paper art around.

Ghostly teamed up with the Ann Arbor-based photographer and videographer Jakob Skogheim, to produce this feature short, which combines interview and time-lapse footage of Shlian creating several stunning new pieces.”

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Ghostly International Presents Matthew Shlian, 2012

Matthew Shlian

Jakob Skogheim


Ghostly International