// HACKPACT // Gráfica Sonora

Realitat‘s experimental community-code project // HACKPACT inspires and challenges programmers to create / share algorithms (mainly produced through SuperCollider) marrying interactions between sound and graphics. // HACKPACT // Gráfica Sonora showcases a handful of their latest efforts from 2011.

Check out more info about // HACKPACT as follows:

“define( “HACKPACT” ) =
“1. Write some code each day for one month
// 2. Document your work
// 3. Share it” ;

Showcase of 20 brief experiments (sound machines) we coded during november (MMXI).

All of them explore the sound/graphic co-relation.

Built with Processing and almost all of the audio with SuperCollider.”

Watch the HACKPACT compilation down below.

// HACKPACT // Gráfica Sonora, 2011