Dan and Leanne were born to be the perfect couple. They share all the same qualities, even in their differences, and understand one another without a second’s thought. Amiel Courtin-Wilson‘s Hail explores what happens when they are forced to stay apart. Official synopsis as follows:

“Dan is in love with Leanne.
They were born on the same day- 19th June 1960.

They eat together.
They live together.
They steal together.

When Dan’s love is suddenly ripped away from him, he is reduced to savagery.

Haunted by damning memories, Dan awakes to a transparent face against the sun… a half formed body slumped over a fence.

Dan swallows.
Dan tries to sleep.
Dan tries to hide.

Dan inhabits a world created by an idiot- unfinished, incomplete. There are holes in this world; gaps and voids in its creation.

Crushed by malevolent beauty, suffocating and filled with violence, Dan thrashes against the tide and goes on a journey to take back what is his.

Time is thin around the cause and dense around the effect.

Per Ardua Ad Astra – from adversity to the stars.”

Trailer can be viewed down below: