In Pen-ek Ratanaruang‘s crime noir Headshot (Fon Tok Kuen Fah), a bullet to the brain puts an assassin into a coma and unfortunately flips his vision upside-down upon his awakening. Now he sees the rain falling up… Official synopsis as follows:

“Tul, a hitman, is shot in the head during one assignment. He wakes up after a two-month coma to find that he sees everything upside down, literally. He goes back to his job, but his new affliction doesn’t make things easy. Doubt starts to set in about what he does for a living. But karma’s a bitch, and the past starts to catch up with him. Then he meets a girl that turns his world even more upside down. Plus, who was trying to kill him in the first place?

From the director of 6ixtynin9 and Last Life in the Universe comes a modern film noir about a man trying to forget his past but his past – and karma – won’t forget him. Adapted from the novel “Fon Tok Kuen Fa” (Rain Falling up the Sky) by award-winning writer Win Leowarin.”

The trailer can be viewed down below:

Headshot (Fon Tok Kuen Fah)