Over here at EK, we don’t care if you’re conservative, liberal, moderate, green, blue, two feet tall, or ten… etc. etc.  (Although if you were blue and 10 feet tall, you’d probably be Nav’ii, and I definitely would like to meet you)

But some people in the US government have proposed to cut federal funding for public broadcast radio/affiliated programs across the country, such as NPR/PBS.  This is unacceptable!

We’ll tell you something… many of the artists on this site that you love take their reference, information, and inspiration from sources like NRP/PBS!   Now when we say it like that, do you really want to cut that off?

GO HERE AND SIGN, PLEASE: (if you’re outside the country, help us out anyways. Make up an address)

PLEASE sign the petition and do your part in helping us fight this unjust and plain retarded budget cut.  We understand times are hard and sacrifices must be made, but not this!

And Republicans, if you think because your party is proposing this you should support it, think twice, because actually the small market programs (ie conservative) would be hit the hardest.  With all their endowment money, NPR/PBS would probably still survive.. while you guys would end up cutting off your own oxygen for local news and opinions!!!  -And you don’t want the liberals to be the only ones left with a voice, do you?   Do you???

Believe me, we are highlighting this cause because it will affect EVERYONE, no matter what “side” you’re on.

(What’s up with sides anyways, aren’t we all human?  Why are we constantly at war with our brothers??  Can’t we all get along??? -At least you know Empty Kingdom will love you no matter if you kill babies or force them into this world.)